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The Last Survivor GOLD EDITION

The Last Survivor GOLD EDITION


A lone white rhino powering through a dusty landscape with a 24 carat gold leaf, hand embellished setting sun in the background. The sun represents the tragic reality of the species facing extinction.

Over 200 hours of drawing has gone into this piece with each crease of skin drawn one at a time using fine ink pens and then shaded with black pastel.

The original size is 56cm x 76cm (a fraction under A1)

This very limited edition of superior quality fine art giclee prints is available in 5 sizes, each printed and hand embellished to order on natural white, museum grade archival heavy weight paper.

A4 edition of 20

A3 edition of 20

A2 edition of 8

A1 edition of 5

A0 edition of 3

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