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I am a Norfolk based wildlife and animal portrait artist. I have a passion for drawing, and strive to bring out my subject's personality and emotion through my art. 

I work in pen and ink for base layers and then add pastel or charcoal for shading. Take a look at some examples of my portraits on the commissions page. These include some comparisons to the original reference photos.

I am available for collaborations with brands across a wide range of industries including but not limited to fashion, homewares, and travel. Please get in touch if you would like to work with me on a project.

You can see my work in person at The Garden House art gallery, Cromer, Norfolk as well as the RSPCA East Winch Art Gallery. I also attend a series of events throughout the year especially in the run up to Christmas.


Finalist in the 2021 Wildlife Artist of the Year (BBC/ DSWF)

Shortlisted for Holt Festival Art Prizes 2022 (Adrian Hill Fine Art, Holt, Norfolk)



My passion for art always shone through from a very early age. I was heavily influenced by my grandfather who was a fabulous wildlife artist and graphic designer. We spent many hours together drawing and visiting Parisian Art galleries near his home. He taught me so much about the Impressionist movement and classical art. He mainly painted animals and portraits in gouache. I learned a lot from him  especially the importance of understanding the anatomy of your subject in order to accurately represent what you are drawing. 

I was born in France to a French dad and English mum, I spent my childhood in France mainly around horses as both my parents were professional riders. My dad was a member of the Carde Noir (the French national riding school) so I would spend a lot of time around the stables either riding, climbing bales or behind the scenes at the gala performances.

I moved to England with my mum at the age of 12 and out of school I had the privilege of owning my first pony. Following in the footsteps of my parents my discipline was dressage.

After school I decided to pursue my passion for art. I completed a Foundation Diploma in Art at the Norwich School of Art, followed by a BA Honours Degree in Fashion at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design.

My early career was in fashion design, over the years I have been the fashion design manager of two sportswear and lifestyle brands.

In 2014 I had my first Daughter, Millie. Closely followed by my second daughter, Lexie, in 2015. The time to refocus my career and make my dream a reality had come. I now have my own business, doing something I feel passionate about, something I can fit around my mum time, something I am immensely proud of and I cannot wait to see how things grow and develop in years to come.


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